I’m so pleased to announce the launch of the new Roofline website –

I’ve been very lucky lately to work with great clients that value my design opinions and collaborate to bring the best web solution for their business to fruition. Roofline was no exception.

Aaron from Roofline contacted me to migrate their Wix website to WordPress, following some good advice from their SEO service provider. I’d heard of Wix but hadn’t tried them out before. From what I’ve seen, Wix has a shallow learning curve but doesn’t adhere to best web practices and doesn’t scale well. Each to their own but read reviews if you venture down the Wix path.

Anyway, back to Roofline. The site is a good mix of flat design and high quality photography. The home page boasts an eye-catching full-width house featuring a roof restored by Roofline. There are jump links that smoothly scroll to sections, a parallax background to the Testimonials section, and it’s all responsive.

The most important part of Aaron’s brief was that the primary purpose of the inner pages was for SEO, so whilst they’re not un-styled, the content is very text heavy. I’ve used large headings, attractive web fonts and narrow widths to make readability a priority. The services pages feature a sliding banner behind the page title as a different take on an image gallery. The admin area features custom fields to allow easy and full access to edit content. There’s a Help documentation section with rambling walk-through videos for future reference.

There’s a lot more but I’m sure you’re bored of reading so please check out the site and comment with your thoughts. I’d love to hear them!