My ex-band mate, ex-flat mate and all-round awesome mate, Scott Targett, asked me to help with composing the artwork for Robotikus’ album and website. I was supplied some amazing artwork by Lavender Wolf and given free rein over the direction.

The first step was the CD artwork, which I kept very basic – a nice typeface and some font tracking was pretty much all I did.


Once the CD artwork was signed off I set about designing the website. Again, I wanted to keep it simple but also try out some new techniques.

After some trial-and-error with responsive images I ended up settling for background images that cover the whole screen. I swap out the background images at different break points to suit the environment. Rounding out the site are links to iTunes, Spotify and Deezer, embedded SoundCloud files, Contact Form and a MailChimp Newsletter sign up form.

I hope you like the site as much as I like Robotikus’ tunes. Make sure you have a listen!