Closures Online

I’ve been helping Closures Online maintain their website for a few years now. Their previous website was ok but it didn’t capture the personality of the business. COL has a young, vibrant staff that love their work and have fun doing it.

With that in mind I set about designing a fresh, bright, and modern theme. COL had a super-tight budget, which made every decision important as there was no room for error. Thankfully I got the Photoshop concepts 97% right first time so the rest fell into place.

The site uses a fairly new improvement in web design called Responsive Images. Essentially this allows the website to serve images that are most appropriate for the screen size. Sounds simple but it’s one of the holy grails of web design. I was very happy to be able to add this feather to my web design cap 🙂

If you’re in the market for bottle tops give the gang at Closures Online a call today!